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Anonymous whispered:

Which custom sliders are you using, I just looove all of your sims

U can find all of them in my FAQ page^^ Thank You so much ! <3

Anonymous whispered:

Haii. Do you remember how your first ever sim on the sims 3 looked?

YES hahhaha XD I was more into kawaii/weird stuff, here U can see it:


Anonymous whispered:

are you a witch?

hahhaha U are all so nice to me today, OH YES I AAAAM *flips hair*

Anonymous whispered:

Which PC do you have?

  • Intel Core2 Quad processor 2.83 GHz
  • 6.0 GB RAM
  • NVidia GeForce 9600 GT Graphic Card
  • additional 1Tb hard drive
Anonymous whispered:

:< a selfie with a smile then?

sorry for weirdo sick face XD

So I made some new plugs, which will be up for download this evening ^^

I made lots of textures to them… which do U like most? any texture suggestions?

Anonymous whispered:

leah how do you make your game run fast with mods?plz reply

I have no idea. I have only HQ mod in my game, couple of sliders and not that much cc (about 1,5 GB), but I also have good PC so… it might help.

Anonymous whispered:

Are you pregnant?

PURE GOLD! hahahhahaah

No I’m not XD 

Anonymous whispered:

WHAT HAPENNED OMG WHAT HAPENNED???????????????????????????????

nothing to be worried about. I kinda got weak and fainted at the last weekend, so I had to do some examinations.

Anonymous whispered:


I AM OKAY!!! (kinda) thank U for concern :D

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