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Anonymous whispered:


Hi sweet nonnypie! I love you too!

Anonymous whispered:

Fair enough, in reply to the WCIF post. I thought I'd tell you that I found them incase you want to redownload them or whatever. The bun is SkySims 128, and also the newsea hair (which I found thanks to you) is called Shepherd. So you helped me find them anyway c:

Thaaaaank you sooooso much!!! You’re super sweet!!

Anonymous whispered:

Some day I wish I could become as beautiful and as talented as you are💛💛💛

seriously honey… I bet  you are super gorgeus and talented! <3 Keep a beautiful smile on your face, ‘cause then you are beyond perfect! *hugs tightly*

Anonymous whispered:

I miss your clothes, and most importantly your shoes. Oh my god, your shoes.Oh, I do love them so. Will be producing any in the near or distant future? Clothes or shoes that is. As much as I love your jewelry, I can't help but wonder.

awwwww thank you so much <3 well I am working on some shoes, I promise there will be more shoes from me, but they need a lot of work on textures, please be patient. I know I am in jewelry mode lately, but I have seriously no time for something bigger right now. But I promise I will try to finish some shoes soon^^

Anonymous whispered:

I don't know whether you WCIF anymore, and please don't hate me for asking c: I'm just wondering the names/creators/links, for the hairs in the following posts?: /image/80954058703, /image/79261237713, and /image/80564707644. Hopefully, you will answer c:

hello!^^ nununu I don’t hate you hahahha, hope you won’t hate me for my answer tho… Those posts were made so long time ago and since that I lost bunch of cc… I truly can’t remember what those hair were from :( I can only say the third ones were photoshopped. The first were from newsea I believe… I have no clue where the bun was from.


Bullet earrings WIP

Spiked Hoop Earrings: DOWNLOAD



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