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† Born To Raise Hell †
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When new tsrw appears… those septum babies will happen for s4.

meshin meshin meshin….

RavishMe Eyeliner: DOWNLOAD

I was tagged by simblrlovesims (BALUMBO SHAMANAKA!!!)


while working, the mess on my desktop isn’t even funny and it makes me kinda uncomfortable hahahahhaha XD

too lazy to tag, so anyone who wants to join the game, be my guest… :D 

Intoxicate Eyeshadow: DOWNLOAD

sparkle sparkle sparkle

there was just one gif I could think of while looking at this:

Anonymous whispered:

OMG that drawing is amazing!!! Why are you so talented and good at everything Leah?! Seriously though did you go to art school or something? please post more drawings You are perfect xx

Most of the time I am hella embarassed by my drawings, cause they have enormous anatomy issues XD Thank You so much hahha :D it’s so sweet <3

No I didn’t attend to art school. I was drawing for myself since I was little… but it’s still not that amazing as it should be for this amount of practice XD 

Anonymous whispered:

hey Leah! first, you so fucking perfect! and could list your favorite TV series?

ahahahhahaha, thank You so much! <3  that was unexpected hahha :D

my fav tv series:

  • (old one) Absolutely Fabulous
  • American Horror Story (little bit dissapointing but still like it)
  • New Girl (I just love Schmidt)
  • (also a little bit of) Vampire Diaries & Originals
Anonymous whispered:

Can you tell me what you use human model in Cinema 4D?

everything is here: click

Anonymous whispered:

that selfie you posted today (i guess) with the eye make up! that looks perfect! can you tell me what eyeliner do you use? i would love to make something like that on my face but .. my eyeliner just sucks :C

Seriously I use the cheapest eyeliner ever! It’s Miss Sporty Studio Lash

I used lots of cheaper and more expensive ones, but this is the best I had, it stays on the eyelid all day, dries fast and it’s super black. :D and it costs something like 3$. 

Anonymous whispered:

where from your inspiration to create cc?

to be brutally honest I am sitting on skype and and my besties are like “bish u should do this *here millions of outstanding inspirational pictures*”, or I am just lurking on shops, designers and fashion blogs to get inspired. ;)

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