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Anonymous whispered:

I feel like you have abandoned Sims 3 a little lol. Please don't. We still waiting for your trainers you made and other Amazon things.

Yeaaah i kinda did and I regret it. i will try to make all accs for both s3 and s4. ;D and surely trainers will happen for both too ;D thank u for motivating me

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Bored at lectures. If u have any questions or if u’re bored xD feel free to invade my ask

Falling Crosses Earrings: DOWNLOAD



polycount: 10 K

To BALUMBO SHAMANAKA! P.S Thats the name of my blog now loool xD


Queen….I feel like

Anonymous whispered:

sims4 accessories suckss! thank u so much for your cc accessories their so high quality! only thing im missing for my lady sims are gold bangles or a all gold watch. I want to match them with the big hoop earrings you made

U got it babe! Gonna work on something smashing! :D 

Anonymous whispered:

so many downloads for the sims 4 :(((

As I am writing this, I am working on some cew stuff  for s3, shhhhh :D don’t be sad please :*

Falling Crosses Earrings: DOWNLOAD



Warning: those earrings are 10 K on the highest LOD, because of the little chains. 

Anonymous whispered:

Vee looks like you :D

REALLY? OMG this is not the first time I am reading that hahahha and tbh this is big compliment for me, I wish I looked like her hahahha. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 

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