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† Born To Raise Hell †
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Anonymous whispered:

you're beautiful.

awwwww thank You so much <3

cause I am kinda nostalgic today, listening to piano songs and cause light was hitting me nicely. 

Mr Giuseppe Zanotti in progress

texturing…. is…. hard….

Anonymous whispered:

Are you going to buy sims 4?

Yes, I am :D some day… when I’ll stop being broke XD

Anonymous whispered:

Whoa there nonny , sorry but you ain't gonna destroy my ship, nuh uh honey no one get in the way of LeahxDarko i'm gonna hit you with a banana.

hahahhahahahahahahah XDDDDD with a banana…. Ya feel this nonny??


Mulder Boots, coming soon :D

for HQ click here: CLICK

Not gonna lie, kinda satisfied with textures….

Anonymous whispered:

Fucking marry me ur perfect 😵

it’s like a second proposal this day hahahhaha, but I am asking were are my


Just kidding, but I wanna go for a badass date first ok? :D

started meshing my shoes for Leah’s collection hahhaha. 

Anonymous whispered:

Do you think coolsims is alesso?

I know them both actually…. ^^

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